About us

Alternative store is a project made by a young newcomer installed in Montreal who by discovering his new country have noticed that Canada is not doing well in the matter of plastic waste and actually not meeting the objectives that were set by the government to tackle plastic use.

Alternative store is so proud to be the first store that has brought wheat straws to Canada and to be the only store in Canada that sells them, and we hope that there will be many stores like us in the future.

Of course being the neighbour of one of the biggest plastic consumers in the world (USA) has also pushed us in Alternative store to try to influence our neighbours and especially in the plastic straws matter, Just in the USA 500 million plastic straws are thrown everyday.

Most of the people aren't really alarmed by this kind of numbers because they believe in recycling, But if they see the statistics they will be really disappointed, More than 90% of plastic waste have never been recycled and 42% of these plastic waste has been used only one time. So actually recycling is just a comforting lie.

The real solution is to find an alternative to plastic, There are many initiatives and inventions in the world that have been made to replace plastic and most of them are highly effective but they luck people support and need people that adhere to these alternatives.

The real solution to plastic dilemma is actually YOU!!!